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Juli Endee Partners with CAB



What began as part of her usual peace crusade tour to communities around the country soon landed the crusaders for peace at the center for the Blind on March 17, 2017. Ambassador Juli Endee of the crusaders for Peace had come with the message of peace recognizing the role the blind can play in upholding the peace and maintaining peaceful coexistence of citizens. The leadership of CAB welcomed Ambassador Endee and her cultural dancers whose exhibition of Liberian culture, sang and danced native Liberian songs to the amusement of many others at the center. The drum beat evaporated across the parameter of the land space of center facility arising the curiosity of onlookers while other staff members and those attending center programs were seen emerging from various doors of the classrooms offices and dormitories. Blind children, youth and adults as well as the leadership and other members of staff rushed to the open square where the crowd had gathered to welcome the crusaders for peace. The message from Ambassador Endee was "Peace Consolidation; celebrating 10 years of peace in Liberia; ensuring a violence free society."

The CAB singing group and members of the Association in a joyous mood as a response rendered a selection as a mark of welcome and in appreciation to the Ambassador's visit sang "My Cry" by "Chris Morgan", Semah trilled the Ambassador and her cultural troop. Ambassador Endee was further astonished at the wonderful talent of the little lad especially when he [Semah], disclosed to her of his ability to sing one of her song which she jointly sang with Flavour: Entitled "This is Juli Endee, "No Shaking" Semah had not fully completed the singing the song when many around the Ambassador including herself burst into tears. The Ambassador then went on to ask the little lad about how he got to know her song. Semah replied: "I have been following songs and music of Flavour on the radio and while listening, I also beacame fascinated to your songs as well. The Ambassador further asked Semah as to whether he would love to meet with Flavour. Semah in a happy mood jumped up in the air and answered affirmative by saying "YES!" Ambassador. "My wish in life is to meet with Flavour in one of these days". The Ambassador in addition, asked Semah what would he tell Flavour if he was ever fortunate to meet with him. Semah answered, " I will tell Flavour and Master Craft to help me in my music career". In her concluding conversation with Semah she said: "I will not promise you anything but one day by the help of God, your dream may come true"

This solemn moment was followed by a statement from Beyan G. Kota who recited some of the horrible inhumanity the population suffered during the Liberian Civil war and reminded all that peace was a precious commodity that Liberians only came to fully realized after 14 years of protracted civil war. Peace is what we cherish Mr. Kota indicated and it is in peace that we plan and execute the development of Liberia. He then closed his welcomed remarks with an appeal to the Ambassador urging her to integrate the music and artistic talents of the blind into cultural programs of the crusaders for peace. The Ambassador in a final remark consented to the appeal and promised to return the visit to the CAB Center for the Blind.

In the space of two weeks after her visit at the Center for the Blind theAmbassador extended invitation to bothe Smeah Weefur, student of CAB National Resource Institute for the Blind and Mrs. Fatu Kota, Education Administrator of the Institute to attend a cultural event at the Cultural Village of the crusaders for Peace on Capital Hill where some digntaries had assembled to witness cultural performance. We could only assumed that the Ambassador has spoted the music gift of little Semah and inviting him and Mrs. Kota to the event, was an attempt to proof the talent of the little lad at this cultural event, that the Ambassador brought student Semah Weefur face-to-face with the Nigerian Star Flavour, was even more surprising.

Semah also not aware of the purpose of the occasion and not knowing the individual personalities attending the program, was asked by Ambassador Endee to sing and he, [Semah] went on to sing one of those popular songs of Flavour and while singing, Flavour rose to his feet from where he sat amd amazed at the rendition of the eleven years old blind lad who sang one of Flavour's native songs and he Flavour move towards the little child and grabbed little Semah and hugged him.

Flavour,s first encountered with the little lad, Semah at the Ambassador's Cultural Village in Monrovia is soon developing into a glorious opportunity that would build talent of the child and other students at the CAB National Resource Center for the Blind and give them national and international music exposure. This is evidence by yet another overture drom Flavour himself to the Center for the Blind asking Ambassador Juli Endee to travel along with Semah and Madam Kota to Lagos, Nigeria for Flavour's personal and better acquaintance with Semah and to examine possibility of teaming up with the little lad to develop a new release. At the end of the trip to Lagos, Flavour presented to the little lad a gift of sweet containing candy and chocolate and an envelope of US$1000.

The trip to Lagos lasted for 8 days. They departed Monrovia on Sunday, the 23rd and returned on 30th April 2017. The costs of air tickets, ground transport, hotel accommodation and meals throughout the travel, were booked by Ambassador Juli Endee alone. We shall forever remain grateful to Ambassador Endee for her farsightedness in considering the inclusion of the blind into the cultural programs. The personal initiatives taken by the Ambassador to support the development of the blind with her finances is worth profound recognition and we as an Association have noted this gesture with our deepest gratitude.

Bravo, Sister Juli Endee, Liberia's Peace and Cultural Ambassador. May the Lord continue to richly bless you.

Beyan G. Kota


Nigerian Musician Flavor Along with Semah and Mrs. Fatu Kota